Just Keep Stitching…

So, I’ve been a busy little bee this month, but I’ve still managed to get some crafting in.

I’ve been making pieces of the Christmas present for Natalie, I’m up to 12 now, of the 44. It will get more attention this weekend. I have finished the 2nd part of the Addition by Subtraction Shawl and am into the 3rd part, it has been my in public knitting project lately so it’s moving along nicely. I did finish the Crown Wools MKAL shawl…but alas, I have no good pictures of it ūüė¶ I’ll work on that.


I’ve been focusing on my Hue Shift Blanket, as I have realized that I am starting a KAL next month, and will be on vacation for a week in November visiting family for Thanksgiving…so my time for this blanket, which is no longer very portable, is dwindling.

As of last night I have finished 90 squares, and I do think I can finish the last 10 before the end of the month. I’m hoping to even get around to starting the border, but I’m realistic to the fact that probably wont happen.



This yarn is a new acquisition from Serendipity Fibers, a kind of local yarn store (it’s only an hour away from me). The shop owner, Melissa, is the sweetest person ever; she helped me figure out the colors and order (and the yarn to use), for the second edition of¬†The Colorblock Scarf. I’m going to swap out one of the stitch patterns (because the Trinity stitch is the DEVIL) and add a couple more to replace the stockinette portions. The yarn in the picture is¬†good for ewe Claddagh, which is from a dyer up in Indianapolis who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting twice now, once at Stitches South when it was in Nashville, TN a couple years ago, and again at Serendipity Fibers a couple months ago. (Seriously the owner/dyer, Paige, is quite the awesome person, buy her yarn…she has good stuff!)

I don’t expect to get started on the scarf until after the holidays, but I’m going to take more detailed notes than I did last time and try to actually get this pattern written up and maybe even publish it?! The thought terrifies me a little, but I figure why not, I’ve done all the hard work of math and stitch patterns, why not share it…eek! So maybe after sample number two is done I will try seeking out test knitters, to catch my mistakes in the pattern, or get feedback on clarity and layout. I’ll have to work up the courage to do that though.

In my last post I made goals for September…I’m going to tweak them now…

September Yarn Goals:

  • 15 ¬†25 squares on the Hue Shift Blanket¬†– 15 are done!
  • Start on the border of the Hue Shift Blanket
  • Finish all 44 pieces of the Christmas Present for Natalie¬†– 12 are done¬†
  • Progress on Addition by Subtraction¬†– this has been my in public project this month, part two is finished and I’m a chunk of the way into part three
  • Clues 13 and 14 of the Crown Wools MKAL¬†– some day, but not a priority


And now one final little note before I leave you to the rest of your day…


This little tiny munchkin is my adorable “niece” (her mommy and I are like sisters, just from different parents). She’s wearing the mermaid tail and clam shell bra I made last month for her hospital picture, this image is just a preview (taken with snapchat) but OMG look at the CUTENESS!


– until next time, XOXO, HandcraftedbyKandi


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